Why iPhone, iPad users should upgrade to iOS 7 now

It seems Apple's free iOS 7 update has been popular. Earlier this week Apple's servers were swarmed by users wanting to install the latest version of their operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A few stood by questioning the frenzy when the old one, iOS 6, works just fine.

While psychology may account for most of the urgency, there are several good reasons to update sooner than later.

iTunes Radio may not be at the top of my personal list, but the free service could be a main attraction for music lovers. Accessed through the Music app, iTunes Radio streams music based on an artist, song or genre. It's similar to Pandora, but not paid a subscription service like Rhapsody that pretty much makes their music collection your music collection for a monthly fee. Ad-free service is included with the $25 per year iTunes Match subscription.

Control Center borrows from Android providing shortcuts to important settings like Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness, music controls, AirPlay and more. There are also handy shortcuts to the camera, clock, calculator and flashlight. Control Center is launched by a swipe from the bottom even while the device is locked.

App updating is made easier with the option for them to update automatically. When an app updates, a blue dot appears by the app name on the home screen.

Activation Lock makes it harder for anyone to use a stolen device. An Apple ID and password is required to turn off the Find My iPhone service, to erase it, and to reactivate and use the device. Hopefully soon, gadget thugs will discover they are pretty much stealing a brick that will reveal their location.

So it may or may not have been worth the consternation and agony that so many users put themselves through Wednesday, but these are just a few of the many tweaks Apple has baked into the new iOS. The freshened experience may hold you over long enough to avoid the lines for Apple's new phones, or maybe even until next year's iPhone .