Orb Audio revamps premium speaker systems

Orb Audio has updated its product line up with a variety of 5.1 speaker systems. The California-based company markets itself as a small, but premium audio manufacturer that hand builds its speakers.

Their compact globe-shaped line of modular speakers come in a variety of finishes that can be used in any system from a computer to a home theater along with an array of accessory stands and mounts.

Orb Audio is one of my favorite companies. I can't afford to buy the company, but I did buy one of their audio packages and can tell you everyone that hears it is impressed. The small speakers offer accurate sound and the subwoofer has more capacity than even my bass hungry senses need.

Orb is also now offering wireless subwoofer options.

You can read my review of the 3.1 Mini-T amplifier & speaker package.