'Seeing eye people' help pedestrians distracted by gadgets

Though it doesn't stop some, everyone knows texting and driving is dangerous. What about texting and walking? One study found that nearly 1 in 3 pedestrians were dangerously distracted by their mobile devices while crossing the street. Texters took nearly two seconds longer to cross streets.

A new app CrashAlert being developed with a depth-sensing camera at the University of Manitoba may soon make texting and walking safer, but one group has a solution ready to hit the road - "Seeing Eye People."

Donning orange safety vests, "Seeing Eye People" hit the streets of New York offering to aid distracted walkers even making pedestrian leashes available as part of the service.

"Seeing Eye People" were part of Improve Everywhere's recent stunt. Some of the group posed as “Seeing Eye People” who claimed to be part of the Department of Transportation while others posed as pedestrians.

Later, the service was offered to real pedestrians texting while walking.