Review: Magnetyze cableless charging for smartphones

Less is more especially if it means charging and syncing without a cable. You can do that with BuQu Tech's Magentyze Charging System.

With the Magnetyze system you can wirelessly charge and sync an Apple iPhone 4/4s or a Samsung Galaxy S3 on the same charger. A charging only version for the Galaxy S4 is expected out later this month.

Hopefully BuQu will support even more devices soon because any gadget in a Magnetyze case can be charged in any Magnetyze desk or car docks.

BuQu Tech's review bundle for the iPhone 4/4S included a case, charging stand, AC wall charger, a micro USB cable, and USB cable with the Magentyze connector.

The Magnetyze case has a conductive contact on the rear. A magnet secures it to the dock connector. It adds about 0.16 inches in thickness to accommodate Manetyze "magic," and about 0.19 inches in length for the 30-pin connector. It weighs just 1.12 ounces which you'd never notice.

Getting the two-piece case on is fairly simple. After you slide the phone into the charging back, a bumper slips over the outer edge.

It should offer moderate device protection. There are cutouts for the ports and buttons. The buttons feel a bit more recessed than most other cases which could bother some. The case does snap off pretty easily should you want to use any non-Magnetyzed accessories.

The magnetic application allows the device to be oriented vertically or horizontally. In fact it can freely rotate 360 degrees while charging. It is held securely, but the phone can be removed one-handed if you pull it downward and away from the charging stand. Pulling up will lift the stand too unless you hold it down with the other hand.

Fairly minimalist in design, the charging stand is powered via a micro USB cable. An included wall charger offers 2.1 amps and 2 USB ports. So a second phone can be charged simultaneously. The charging stand holds one device at time, but BuQu Tech includes a second USB cable with the Magnetyze connector which would also be handy when on-the-go.

Magenetyze systems start at $59.95 and are available in either black or white. There is also a $99.99 model for the iPhone with a rechargeable booster battery.

If you have cable angst, BuQu's Magenetyze offers a nice solution with a small compromise in bulk. I've found to be useful enough that I'm hoping to see a version for the iPhone 5 and then would consider the car mount.