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McCrory balks at proposing taxes or other new revenues for transportation

Gov. Pat McCrory appeared to back away Wednesday night from an earlier pledge to give the 2015 General Assembly “targeted revenue recommendations” for shoring up North Carolina’s anemic gas tax and providing a more sustainable source of transportation money for the growing state.

After reiterating an earlier proposal to borrow $1.2 billion for highway and other transportation projects, he signaled that he will wait for legislators to take the lead on recommending any new transportation taxes, fees or other revenue sources. He had said in September that he would make these proposals himself.

“I will support your efforts to protect and stabilize – I will support any efforts to protect and stabilize – our existing transportation revenue streams, while also looking at funding reform and alternatives for our future transportation and infrastructure needs,” McCrory said Wednesday in his State of the State speech to the General Assembly.

He said the proposed bonds would be spent on the next projects in line, scored under the mobility formula, with the environmental documents in place, so we can begin those projects immediately.