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Road Worrier: What have we learned? Share your snow-commuter wisdom

Fellow snow-crazy commuters: What have we learned?

How’d it go Wednesday? Did you make it home?

Did your employer do the right thing? What should you – and your boss – do differently next time?

Please share your wisdom. After all, we heard the warnings for days. The forecasters and the governor said it would be bad – and, sure enough, it was bad. Did we pay attention? Were we foolish?

Let me know today about how Wednesday (and Thursday) worked out for your and your commute. Please email me ( with details about:

- * Your Wednesday travel experience. Did you stay home, or do you wish you had stayed home? When did you leave work to go home, and how did that work out?

- * Your employer. Where you work. Did your boss require you to come in on Wednesday? When did your workplace close for the day? Was this a good idea? Are you back in the office today?

- * Your commuting options. Can you work from home, and do you? Do you depend on transit – and how did that work out?

This will happen again. If we get the same forecast next week, what will you do and what should your employer do – differently?

Don’t forget to add your name, and please your phone number (won’t be published) so I can check back with you.