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Here’s how to bone up on Wake transit bus and rail choices

If you really want to bone up on prospects for new rail and bus transit investments in Wake County, you ought to come out for one of the public meetings planned over the next two weeks – and check out a 170-page report recently posted online.

The Expanded Transit Choices Report, drafted by consultants and a 76-member citizen advisory committee, is available on the website – and also right here, accompanying this blog post.

It offers deep discussion of four scenarios for beefed up bus service that either would spread out across the county to reach as many neighborhoods as possible or would focus on frequent urban service to pick up as many riders as possible. The “ridership” and “coverage” scenarios come in two flavors: one built around a bus rapid transit (BRT) core, and the other built around trains called rail rapid transit.

These alternatives also are sketched out in my N&O story published Monday. For the schedule of public meetings, check my story or the site.

And here’s a new Wake Transit video about the four scenarios. It starts out slow, with details about the long planning process, then picks up with four members of that citizen advisory committee outlining the four transit scenarios.

So what do you think about your options? Please share your thoughts with the Wake planners, in comments below, or in email to me.

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