Wet weather system lingers over central NC

If you are in the Triangle Monday and think it couldn’t get much wetter, take comfort in not being in the southeastern portion of the state, where the Morehead City weather service office was saying as much as 1.75 inches of rain might fall.

Locally, the National Weather Service called for a 70 percent chance of rain all day Monday, and locally heavy rain at times, including thunderstorms.

The “locally heavy” aspect was evident Sunday, when people in one area or on one highway might well have thought they encountered a monsoon while there was only drizzle a few miles away.

At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the weather service’s official station measured just over an inch of rain between 8 p.m. Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday.

The volume of rain brought the standard cautions of small-stream or urban flooding at times, but forecasters issued an official advisory only for Hoke and Moore counties.

Tuesday’s forecast called for scattered afternoon thunderstorms.

Wednesday should be a bit less rainy overall, but wet air that will hang around in the area put possible afternoon thunderstorms into that forecast, too.

The gloomy forecast was, meteorologists said, the result of a weather system moving east across the state more slowly than computer models had been predicting.

This unusually wet May has, so far, put the monthly rainfall 0.99 inches over the May average, and that was as of Sunday.

A normal May at the RDU station brings 2.86 inches of rain.