It's dry, it's windy -- so don't burn

The N.C. Division of Forest Resources is urging residents not to burn leaves, twigs and other yard debris during the next few days as warm, windy and dry weather settles over the region.

Spring wildfire season lasts from mid-February until mid-May, when the state typically has fewer rain storms and more windy days that can turn leaves, downed trees and other forest fuels into kindling.

This is also the season during which people do a lot of yard work such as burning leaves. In North Carolina, careless debris burning is the top cause of wildfires, according to the Division of Forest Resources.

The division responded to 4,361 wildfires last year that burned more than 52,119acres. In 2008, wildfires destroyed seven homes and damaged 45 others.

So far this year, about 2,160wildfires have burned more than 9,233 acres.

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