Could the Triangle see snow this week?

Colder temps in the ABC11 Weather Forecast

Watch the ABC11 First Alert Weather forecast.
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Watch the ABC11 First Alert Weather forecast.

There’s a chance the Triangle could get some snow Friday.

But don’t freak out – we probably won’t see much accumulation, if any at all.

Don “Bigweather” Schwenneker, a meteorologist with ABC11, said he he’s not expecting anything major, especially since the temperature will likely be in the upper 30s on Friday.

“At this point, there is a 40 percent chance of precipitation on Friday morning,” Schwenneker wrote Monday on “I think some of it could be snowflakes, but it won’t be sticking around.”

The Canadian weather model predicts the Triangle could see a couple inches of snow, while the American model shows more rain and sleet, Schwenneker said. The European model predicts rain.

You probably don’t need reminded that it was 70 degrees in Raleigh on Saturday. We shouldn’t expect to see that kind of weather for a while. Temperatures are expected to continue to drop throughout the week.