Back to work and back to normal temperatures in the Triangle

Rain that drizzled onto the Triangle overnight Sunday and that is expected to last into Tuesday should fade away as the week progresses, and temperatures are expected to get back down to about normal for early December, the National Weather Service said.

Forecasters put the chance of rain at 30 percent by Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday was a 50-50 day in the forecast, and then Thursday and Friday should be at least partly sunny.

Normal daytime high temperatures for Raleigh-Durham International Airport are about 57 degrees, and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday should be in that ballpark, according to the forecast.

Monday, with a cold front working its way across the state and daylong cloudy skies was a bit of a slacker, with the high expected to be only a few degrees above overnight readings in the upper 40s.

Wednesday was the week’s exception, forecast to be well above normal – 69 degrees.

The Thanksgiving weekend was a gift, with high temperatures ranging from 70 on the day itself to 74 degrees Sunday.