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The temperature roller coaster continues

Usually, when I use the analogy of a roller coaster, it is either during spring or fall. In winter and summer, we expect pretty consistent high temperatures without too many wild swings on a day-to-day basis. However, anyone who has lived in the Triangle for a while knows that in winter we can see a week of below freezing high temperatures just as easily as we can see highs in the 70s.

Our normal high for today, taken over a thirty year average, is 55º and the normal low is 33º. By comparison, on Sunday, Raleigh saw a high of 72º and just two days before that, we had a high of 42. Today, expect to see near normal temperatures across the area, and tomorrow arctic air will move in again with a high in the mid-30s.

Unfortunately, for those of us who enjoy the warmer air, our temperatures will remain below normal for at least the next week with overnight lows in the teens and our high on Sunday not even expected to hit the 30s. It is unfortunate as well for the snow lovers because the cold air will coincide with dry air once again. When precipitation moves into the area on Tuesday, the temperature is expected to remain well above freezing, even overnight.

Thus, the trend for a snow-free winter continues. So far this winter, RDU International Airport has only reported a trace of snowfall. By this time last year, we had a total of 1.9 inches of snow, and our average snowfall-to-date is 4.5 inches. Keep in mind that we have received snow well into April in the past, so don't rule out seeing any of the white stuff this year just yet.