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Cold Air Damming isn't just a winter thing

Yesterday's high temperature for Raleigh was 68º, breaking the record for the 3rd coolest high temperature for that date. The coolest was 67º in 1946 and 1997. The average temperature for yesterday is 84º, and last year we hit 92. What a difference!

So why were we wearing jackets yesterday? It couldn't have just been because of the clouds and drizzle, right? Well, they were a symptom of the bigger picture. We had a case of Cold Air Damming. We expect to hear about CAD events in the wintertime when there is low pressure off the coast and winds are coming from the east backing the cooler air up against the mountains and giving us gray, dreary days. Of course, in winter we'd also see the chance for snow or ice instead of drizzle.

We had a similar situation over the past few days, but it was not very well defined. Thankfully, it was only a short-lived event and weak high pressure will overtake the area today. The low clouds will start to clear and we should see some sun peek through again this afternoon. This weekend, expect the temperatures to remain below average, but more summerlike. Next week, we'll make it back to the mid-80s, which are average for early June.