Letters to the Editor

For more secure elections, consider fingerprinting

Regarding “Illegal voting charges against 12 in Alamance touch a nerve” (Aug. 6): We in North Carolina have heard a lot about a photo ID being required to vote. Since North Carolina is an innovative state, we need to think of biometrics. Fingerprint technology is well advanced and inexpensive. It is used by cell phone companies instead of passwords.

Letters to the Editor

The U.S. should stop ‘trying to run everyone else’s country’

Regarding “US braces for possible cyberattacks after Iran sanctions” (Aug. 8): From reading about Iran, America’s latest “panic de jour,” it strikes me that we don’t do a particularly good job of running our own country (heavy debt, no universal health care, failing infrastructure, unaffordable college, etc.) but we do love to tell everyone else how to run theirs.

Don’t blame state employees for our pension crisis

Robert Broome, executive director of the state employees' association, argues North Carolina legislators enabled the pension crisis.