Dwane Powell

Terry Kelly: Barber not the ‘radical’ one

Regarding the July 30 news article “Barber at DNC: Be ‘the moral defibrillators of our time”: I applaud Rev. William Barber for his stance to incite peace in his Moral Monday agenda.

It is amazing that Gov. Pat McCrory can tweet that Barber’s radical Moral Monday agenda could cost the state $10 billion and increase state spending by 50 percent. I wonder how long McCrory spent in fact checking before making a quick “tweet” over what Barber is trying to accomplish by his work and what it is costing the state.

Maybe if he started looking at how much business North Carolina has lost due to his radical support of House Bill 2 he wouldn’t be worried about spending money to support a Moral Monday agenda.

If he wants to call Barber’s movement “radical” then he should start looking at his own record as governor in supporting HB2.

Barber is appealing to everyone to support all people regardless of their race, creed, religious beliefs or other preferences. Barber is not condemning anyone in what he is doing. I only hope that Barber continues his efforts and gets the support of a lot more people from all walks of life.

Terry Kelly