Notable numbers: Election spending, airline prices, homeless children

Statistics from the past week that deserve a double take:

$34.8 million: What Republicans and allies spent on the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina between Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan

$36.6 million: What Democrats and allies spent

$6.5 million: What the National Republican Senatorial Committee spent

$6.7 million: What the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent

$2.7 million: What the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent on behalf of Tillis

$2.2 million: What the NRA Political Victory Fund spent on behalf of Tillis

$3 million: What the National Education Association Advocacy Fund spent for Hagan

$1.4 million: What the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees spent for Hagan

2.5 million: The estimated number of American children who were homeless at some point in 2013

8:The percentage increase that number represents over 2012

55,204: How many of those children were homeless in North Carolina

29: Where North Carolina ranks on the list of child homelessness, with 1 being the state with the fewest homeless children

35: Where it ranks for the number of children at risk of being homeless

$1.6 billion: What U.S. airlines had saved on cheaper jet fuel from September 2013 through September

0: How many of those checked-bag fees are going away as a result

3.5: The percentage increase in the price of a domestic airline ticket over the same period

91: The percentage of Egyptian women ages 15 to 49 whose genitals have been mutilated

74: The percentage of Egyptian teenagers 15 to 17 who have undergone genital cutting

36 million: The estimated number of people living as slaves worldwide

14.3 million: How many of those enslaved people – defined as the control or possession of people to deprive them of their freedom and exploit them for profit or sex, usually through violence or coercion – live in India