McCrory makes the right push for better IT

Now Gov. Pat McCrory has never struck us as a “techie,” that term of endearment most often applied to young folks who can make their phones whip up an omelet and build Starships with their laptops.

But the governor is tech-savvy when he says that it’s time to create a Cabinet-level spot in state government to focus on information technology.

Too many departments across state government have been creating their own IT systems, and some are better than others.

And some show evidence, and this is nonpartisan evidence, by the way, of decades of leadership that either didn’t take technology seriously or simply preferred to work on other projects.

So the governor’s office makes perfect sense in believing a centralized IT operation should coordinate systems throughout state government and prevent wasteful duplication.

The state has already had problems with IT, from the court system to Cabinet agencies. Those problems translate into a government that’s not as efficient or as effective as it should be.

The IT Cabinet post ought to be one, at least, that won’t be influenced by partisan politics. It would simply be about making things work better.

North Carolina isn’t alone in having had problems with technology in government agencies, but this is the home of the Research Triangle and SAS and Red Hat, for goodness’ sake.

If any state should set the pace on how to make technology work for government and thus for the people government serves, it’s North Carolina.