Notable Numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

4 Number of days Hurricane Matthew took to move up the East Coast

2.2 million Number of people who lost power because of the hurricane

1.3 million Number of people still without power four days after Matthew first made landfall

15 The amount of rain, in inches, that fell in some parts of North Carolina

$4 billion to $6 billion Estimated insured losses caused by Hurricane Matthew

66.5 million The number of people who watched the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

84 million The number of people who watched the first presidential debate

64 million The average number of views of the Nixon-Kennedy debates in 1960

11 The percentage-point lead Hillary Clinton had in one poll after the debate

33 The percentage-point surge Clinton received among women after Trump’s remarks about women were revealed

$3 million The salary of Billy Bush, the TV host who was caught on tape with Donald Trump as the billionaire talked about his hold on women

$3 million The salary Billy Bush may lose as a result of his being on tape with Trump

1 Number of touchdowns scored in the N.C. State-Notre Dame football game, played during the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew

1 Number of touchdowns needed to win the N.C. State-Notre Dame football game

10 Total points scored by N.C. State against Notre Dame

3 Total points scored by Notre Dame against N.C. State

0 Ranking of our guilt over bragging about N.C. State

2 The percentage budget cut for 2017-19 state agencies were asked to prepare by Gov. Pat McCrory’s staff, according to N.C. Policy Watch

$173 million The loss in funding that 2 percent would represent for public schools

$425 million The estimated budget surplus overall for this year