GOP creates unforgivable election map mess for Wake

GOP leaders of the General Assembly, inflated by their authority, exceeded all bounds of reason when they redrew election districts for the Wake County school board and the county commissioners. The sole reason, which Republicans didn’t even try very hard to hide, was: We want Republicans to win.

Never mind respecting the voters of the county, or the democratic process, or giving candidates of both parties a fair chance. No, Republicans were stung by the fact that voters in Wake County – burned by the performance of a Republican school board majority elected in 2009 – turned out the Republicans in 2011. And four Republican Wake commissioners running for seats in 2014 were summarily dismissed by voters in favor of four Democrats.

The GOP solution was not to put up good candidates and square off in a straight-up contest. No, they drew district lines they knew would favor Republicans.

Now their maps have been tossed by the appeals courts.

Federal Judge James C. Dever III, who had ruled against those challenging the new districts initially, now says he’ll draw new maps himself if legislative leaders and the State Board of Elections don’t.

With the election less than four months away, what we have is chaos. That is unfair to voters and especially, in the case of the school board, to the 150,000 or so public school students in Wake County.