Letters to the Editor

Robert A. Williams: Matter of rights

Regarding the July 21 letter “ Bible Belt blues”: As a fellow Christian, I had to laugh at the letter. Has the writer asked himself why times are tough for Bible-believing folks right now?

The reason revolves around the fact that these folks have forgotten the basic principle of separation of church and state. Most profess to believe in smaller, less intrusive government – except where such intrusions suit their beliefs in how society should be structured.

Abortion, for example, should be a matter between the conscience of the people involved and their God. It is not a matter for the state to legislate. The same point can be made regarding homosexual marriage. All people should be able to enjoy equal rights and protections under the law. The point can also be made that Christian prayer doesn’t belong in public venues unless such venue is religious in nature.

The letter-writer wants some slack? I suspect he’ll get such only when he grants the same slack to others of differing views.

Robert A. Williams