Letters to the Editor

Tom Clere: Checks and balances

Regarding the Aug. 17 news article “ GOP moves to restrict challenges of N.C. laws”: Defending the new state law taking rulings on the constitutionality of North Carolina laws out of the hands of individual Superior Court judges, Francis X. De Luca of the Civitas Institute said, “It had always bugged me that a local judge, maybe not even elected, could just stop in its tracks an entire state law that had been approved by both bodies and signed by the governor.”

It’s called checks and balances. The new law puts judicial control in the hands of the chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, who determines the makeup of the three-judge panels that will now decide constitutional questions. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to our legislators that this person has no check on his or her power.

Tom Clere, Faison