Letters to the Editor

Robert E. Wilson: GA yelling ‘cut!’

Theoden Janes’ Aug. 10 news story, “ Film and TV pros plan their exit,” about the growing exodus of film production in North Carolina is a key example of just how wrong the General Assembly’s priorities are for our state. Well-paying jobs are now leaving for no reason other than the folks in charge today don’t like the TV and movie industry.

Slashing the existing film tax credit down to some small grants no one will use simply tells production companies to move operations to Atlanta and points south. The irony is that TV and movie production is one of those industries in which the “job creator” effect that Republicans say they want is real. Hotels, restaurants and suppliers of all kinds lose when shows and movies are made somewhere else. Highly paid workers who have been living here for years have to leave to follow those productions. This means when a show or film gets made somewhere else, the economic loss to North Carolina is far greater than just one production budget.

Since our powers that be are saying “hit the road” to TV and film production, I say to everyone losing work and revenue from that decision to “remember in November.”

Robert E. Wilson, Cary