Letters to the Editor

James Lincoln Alexander: Say no to billionaires

While the Citizens United decision of 2012 and the 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC case still loom over our country and democracy, we still have yet to restore the balance of power. Money continuously and increasingly seems to be what matters in politics, not the opinion of the people or the elected officials.

These court cases have allowed a small number of big-pocketed individuals, like the Koch brothers and J.P. Morgan, to use their seemingly limitless amount of money to sway elections, court cases and the overall political process. The modest contributions that ordinary citizens, the 99 percent, make are minimized and less important to candidates when “mega-donors” can spend millions on a whim. The invention of super-PACs has only increased the amount of money in politics.

I don’t want my country run by billionaires with their own wallets as their top priority. I don’t want candidates being forced to pander to the 1 percent. I want the opinions and beliefs of the many to be represented. I want a democracy, not whatever this is becoming.

James Lincoln Alexander