Letters to the Editor

Beverley S. Clark: Weak county leadership

Regarding the Aug. 19 news article “ Wake’s millionth expected Friday”: “Gee whiz, Andy, Wake County’s got a million residents!” Barney Fife would hardly recognize the place. Sadly, today they’d probably never make it to the YMCA on Hillsborough Street because of all the traffic on I-40.

For the last four to six years, communities like Raleigh, Wake Forest and Holly Springs have had leaders who invested in community infrastructure. Unfortunately, Wake County has lagged behind.

Wake County Manager David Cooke developed a transit plan using both increased bus and light rail, a plan that had buy-in from all 13 municipalities. What did Wake County Commissioners Paul Coble, Joe Bryan and Phil Matthews do? They ignored the plan and pleas from elected leaders across the county to get moving. And now, more than a day late and a dollar short, the legislature has tied one hand behind their backs, and they give only lip service to transit planning.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg reached a million residents a year ago. Lucky for them, they can ride into and around town on light rail. We need leaders to guide our community forward, leaders who will plan for the future – leaders for a growing community that plans for truly clean water, adequate roads, transit and schools.

Beverley S. Clark, Raleigh