Letters to the Editor

James Sartwell: Ill-gotten video

Regarding the Aug. 16 Point of View from Erica Meier “ N.C. ignoring birds buried alive” calling for the prosecution of Prince Poultry for the manner in which he disposed of the dying birds of his flock: Did not Meier and her “undercover cohort” violate the law by lying to Prince about who they were?

North Carolina law states that, “If any person shall knowingly and designedly by means of any kind of false pretense whatsoever, whether the false pretense is of a past or subsisting fact or of a future fulfillment or event, obtain or attempt to obtain from any person within this State any money, goods, property, services, chose in action, or other thing of value with intent to cheat or defraud any person of such money, goods, property, services, chose in action or other thing of value, such person shall be guilty of a felony.”

Did not the undercover agent of Meier’s lie to Prince to gain access to the farm? Has not COK.net profited from the hidden video through donations? Has not Prince lost a tremendous amount of money due to that fraud?

Someone needs to be prosecuted, and it’s not Tim Prince.

James Sartwell