Letters to the Editor

Marian Norton: Not connected yet

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner being “sealed off from the digital age” as Ned Barnett wrote in his Aug. 10 column “ Thank you for your letters.” The truth is many rural North Carolinians are sealed off from the digital age and the technology of the 21st century because broadband service has not been extended to our homes.

We live in an area of Chatham County where there is no DSL or cable and weak cell signals. The best service one can get is satellite or a trip of 10 to 15 miles to a library when it is open (excluding Sunday).

Our incumbent provider promised DSL for years then later stated in a letter to the FCC that it had no plans to serve us. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that Randolph Telephone Membership Cooperative is seeking funding through the broadband experiments to extend fiber into rural Chatham. There is still a wide span of rock to blast through before the light can be seen.

I know you prefer email, but endure one written in pen on lined paper a little longer. It’s not just your “older readers” who are not digitally connected, but school-age and college-age, too.

Marian Norton