Letters to the Editor

Helaina Hinson: Misplaced guilt for homeschoolers

Leslie Maxwell’s Aug. 22 Point of View “ Deserting the idea of the common good” on homeschooling was yet another absurd attempt to guilt homeschooling parents and spread false information about homeschooling to the public.

The anti-homeschool crowd’s allegations of sub-standard educational standards and socially crippled students have been proven false, so now they have turned to ridiculous allegations of “selfishness.” She suggests that homeschooling parents, who are deeply involved in their children’s educations and concern for their welfare, should enroll in public schools so they can pick up the slack for irresponsible parents who are too lazy to get involved in their children’s educational welfare and for selfish parents who can’t get involved because they are too busy putting their careers first. Uh, epic fail! What a slap in the face to working parents who make time to do this!

The public school system should do more to get its own involved in school welfare, PTA meetings and quality teacher recruitment. These issues are exactly why homeschoolers decide to bypass public education.

Helaina Hinson