Letters to the Editor

Kevin Nesbitt: Understandable rise

Regarding Leslie Maxwell’s Aug. 22 Point of View piece “ Deserting the idea of the common good”: This begins with the Wake County Public School System, closely followed by the N.C. Republicans’ policy of shelling our public school system.

By way of busing (under the guise of more equally dispersing children receiving free and reduced-price lunch) and mismanagement of growth, WCPSS has fostered virtually zero sense of community in many schools – “go here this year, but there next year.” If a child has been bused 40 minutes and the parents are low income and juggling multiple jobs, I suspect supporting the child’s PTA is difficult.

The fact that hundreds of experienced teachers have left Wake County and those remaining are being actively pursued by out of state school systems speaks volumes for the “success” of the Republican agenda.

During 2013-14, our child’s last year in the system, there was a perceptible decline in the services and offerings at his high school. This in spite of the high level of dedication and effort from staff. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better. So while I’m no fan or supporter of homeschooling, I can certainly understand why it is increasing.

Kevin Nesbitt