Letters to the Editor

Les Stein: Right to choose

According to Leslie Maxwell’s Aug. 22 Point of View “ Deserting the idea of the common good,” our homeschooling families are selfish because they are looking out for the interests of their own children at the expense of society in general. Never mind that so many of our schools are not meeting the needs of our children or that our state’s political leaders have effectively taken our public school system back at least two decades.

Maxwell is under the illusion that parents should sacrifice their children’s futures for the collective or common good, which she doesn’t define. Unfortunately, this mindset is nothing new. Distinguished authors like Karl Marx and a number of other Communist thinkers came up with similar notions many years ago.

Thankfully, our forefathers believed that a true democracy is founded on giving people the right to choose. Maxwell needs to bone up on our nation’s educational history, which aligns well with our social, economic and political history.

Yes, choice is a good thing.

Les Stein