Letters to the Editor

Brian Mullan: Iowa beating NC in attracting business

Just a few months ago, some of our Republican lawmakers were working to block alternative energy initiatives in North Carolina including both solar and wind. Congratulations!

Iowa, a Midwestern farm state, is beating North Carolina to high tech by capturing some of the largest cloud computing data centers being built in the U.S., including Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Nearly $5 billion in data center construction ... in Iowa? Why Iowa?

The state has an abundance of cheap renewable energy. Iowa’s commercial energy prices are nearly 20 percent below the U.S. average, and the state generates a significant portion of its power from wind farms. That’s important for tech companies, because data centers consume a massive amount of power.

But our legislators would rather roll the dice with fracking when most geologists believe there is minimal shale deposits in North Carolina. Those darn Iowa farmers aren’t so dumb.

Brian Mullan