Letters to the Editor

L.M. Brinkley: Future ‘sacrifice zone’

In the Aug. 23 news article “ Hearing exposes shale gas divide” about the Sanford hearing on fracking, an attorney thanked the council of former industry officials for their work, saying he hoped they got the regulations right.

As someone whose family has lived on the same Wake County land for over a century and who intends to retire there, I certainly hope they’ve gotten it right where many other states haven’t and paid with residents’ health.

What I find interesting is that if we compare a map of the Triassic Shale Basins to maps of the Cape Fear and Neuse River Basins, we see ample overlap with public drinking water. Particularly, within this overlap is Falls Lake – Raleigh’s drinking water.

Let’s say somewhere down the line there’s a spill of fracking wastewater, or it seeps out from a fissure, or there’s flooding of holding pools from an inevitable hurricane. Won’t it be darkly funny that we’ll be awash in who-knows-what chemical cocktail and Raleigh politicians will have poisoned their own “well”?

Won’t we have a nice belly laugh when North Carolina becomes another national sacrifice zone for big oil and gas to bully our communities for their own profit, just like Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio?

L.M. Brinkley, Creedmoor