Letters to the Editor

Linda Medure: Fracking foibles

David McGowan’s Point of View “ The bounty beneath North Carolina soil” was skillfully written. He was very clever in omitting information, misstating things and bending the truth. Yes, fracking has existed since the 1940s but not horizontal fracking. That is new and very much different.

He neglected to mention that fracking areas in the four states he referenced have been devastated with contamination and health issues. North Carolina’s official number for fracking jobs is only 387, hardly the boom he bragged about. He neglected to mention fracking fluid is highly toxic and carcinogenic. He neglected to mention that the Harris Interactive telephone poll from last year indicating support for fracking in North Carolina by nearly 3 to 1 was paid for by his organization, the North Carolina Petroleum Council.

He also neglected to mention that the “ideology” of the 601 people “randomly polled” were 61 percent conservative and 27 percent liberal, closely matching the 60 percent to 22 percent of the actual poll numbers. Does anyone think this was truly a fair random poll? This poll is totally inconsistent with many other polls in North Carolina.

Yes, McGowan truly did a skillful job in attempting to misrepresent quite a few things. Gotcha!

Linda Medure, Cary