Letters to the Editor

Florence Heinsohn: Listen up, commissioners

Regarding the Sept. 5 letter “ GOP commissioners attending plenty of forums”: Wake’s four GOP incumbent county commission candidates have insulted residents, the League of Women Voters and WakeUP Wake County by collectively refusing to attend their bipartisan candidate forums. The reason? Sometimes the LWV, WakeUP Wake County or their thousands of members might disagree with the GOP.

I have attended these forums for years. All candidates are given the opportunity to present themselves and policy goals. Community members from across the spectrum ask broad questions. The forums have been a public service, both in educating candidates and voters.

The rejection of these forums follows a dangerous trend seen in the day-to-day operations of our county commission. Our leadership has been one-sided and not representative because the majority has not truly engaged with colleagues on the commission or residents who may challenge their agenda. (It’s their loss; they could learn something new or even find more common ground than they expect!)

Wake County deserves better. We all deserve to matter, to be heard and even to challenge. Only when we listen and learn from each other can we achieve a truly representative democracy.

Florence Heinsohn