Letters to the Editor

Dan Carmichael: Green energy expensive

It is obvious from the Sept. 21 editorial “ Power surge” that you are favor producing electricity by using renewable sources (wind, solar, bio-mass, etc). Within limits, I am also. However, your arguments in favor of renewable energy sources failed to mention some critical factors.

If the FDA provides a grant of $1 million to a renewable energy project, our national debt is increased by $400,000. And I suspect that investment in renewable energy projects would be non-existent without federal and state tax credits. Those credits increase the taxes that the rest of us have to pay.

You state that Germany will soon be generating 30 percent of its power by renewable sources. However, you do not point out that Germans pay electric bills four times what we pay per kilowatt hour. I am told that at night in German villages, the only lights one sees are the flickers of TVs.

I do not care how the electricity I use is generated. However, I do care what the size of the bill is. And I do care that we have such a massive national debt that, when we start to pay it off, taxes will have to be increased to such an extent that taxpayers will have nothing left.

Dan Carmichael, Chapel Hill