Letters to the Editor

Mark Lee: It’s noisy living downtown

Regarding the Sept. 24 news article “ Some residents want noisy Bikefest to move on”: With any of the events that happen on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, if someone lives or works there as I do in the Hudson Building, we either embrace it, go out of town that weekend or do not move to the downtown area to begin with.

I do not own a motorcycle, and the majority of noise is right below me, but that is something I was aware of prior to moving into the Hudson Building.

Hopscotch, Bluegrass Festival, African-American Festival, SparkCon and others have noise also, and the streets are blocked off starting Thursday or Friday, so it is sad to see a select few could be able to change an event that helped put Fayetteville Street on the map as far back as 1995.

Mark Lee, Raleigh