Letters to the Editor

Peter Rumsey: (Good) sense of community wins out

Regarding the Sept. 24 Point of View “ When the price of being right is too high”: Liisa Ogburn’s 10-year-old daughter, Sarah, was talking to us all in Oakwood when she asked her mother when she and their neighbor were “going to make up. Just because you’re in a fight doesn’t mean we need to be.”

In spirit, Sarah was present at the RHDC public meeting recently. Many of us sat around tables (there were 25 tables) listening to each other, acknowledging our common views and differing opinions about how Oakwood will look in the future. Most important, we acknowledged that which has made Oakwood most unique, indeed historic: It is our shared sense of community. We all are stewards of our “community,” just as we are stewards of our physical neighborhood.

Oakwood’s upcoming annual reunion offers us a chance to renew our commitment to community. Let’s find ways to move forward. Let’s focus together on ways to settle our differences that will also respect and strengthen our community. Thank you, Sarah.

Peter Rumsey, Raleigh