Letters to the Editor

David Larson: Make it easier to vote, not harder

On voter suppression in North Carolina, the news just keeps getting worse. First, we learn that the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity is sending out incorrect voter registration information. If one were to rely on this misinformation, one would not be properly registered and unable to vote.

In the Oct. 1 news article “ Legal bills mount in voter ID defense,” The N&O reported that between Gov. Pat McCrory’s private counsel and Attorney General Roy Cooper’s own private counsel, taxpayers are on the hook for over $2 million and counting to defend the voting legislation, which cut early voting by a week, ended same-day registration and introduced stringent photo ID requirements.

So we the taxpayers are paying a whole lot of money to make it harder for us to vote? Yes. Is this right? Not a chance.

People should be encouraged to vote. The legislature should be passing laws to make it easier to vote. The only way to change this is to vote. See everyone at the polls!

David Larson