Letters to the Editor

Susan Marshall: Americans for Prosperity campaign the real fraud

The manufactured indignation over unproven voter fraud serves as a smokescreen for the true voter fraud that Republicans are busily perpetrating: their orchestrated campaign to disenfranchise North Carolinians who don’t vote the way they like.

They started with gerrymandering districts to an extent not possible before the computer age, so extreme that in the 2012 election they won nine of 13 House seats despite getting fewer than half of the votes. Their next step was House Bill 589, which disproportionately affects the poor and elderly who may not drive and college students.

And now, as reported in the Sept. 26 news article “ Voters mailed incorrect forms,” it seems that Americans for Prosperity is mounting a disinformation campaign to either make people think they are not registered or to encourage them to send in inaccurate forms to the wrong addresses. Whether these letters are just plain sloppy or calculated perfidy, this organization should be prosecuted to the fullest possible extent.

When I hear “Americans for Prosperity,” I think “Americans Only for the Prosperous.” This is the voter fraud that we should let Republicans know that we will not tolerate!

Susan Marshall