Letters to the Editor

Jim Pomeranz: Trudnak’s message a must-read for teens

Thanks to Kayla Trudnak for her Oct. 1 Point of View “ Dear fellow teenage driver.” Sharp writing with a to-the-point message, it should be required reading for all teenagers and for everyone in general, especially parents who give the keys to the car after lawful violations. That Trudnak had to ride the bus to school her junior year was excellent punishment and made her realize her responsibilities to her parents and fellow students.

Unfortunately, Trudnak’s primary audience never read her message because only a small portion of that demographic reads the newspaper’s print edition, and most of that age probably regard that portion of the website as a “no-visit” zone.

I encourage The N&O to donate printed copies of the article to every high school student in Wake County, at the very least. Teachers should be required to read it aloud in the classrooms and then make time for open and thoughtful discussion.

The message by Trudnak should be given high priority. With tragedy happening nearly every day, this message is as important to the education of our teenagers (and college-age adults and beyond) as is the teaching of “reading, writing and arithmetic.”

Jim Pomeranz