Letters to the Editor

Darcy Dye: Quality conversations

The Sept. 18 news article “  ‘Dying in America’ describes misguided medical system” on unwanted patient care near death should be more than a wake-up call for all Americans who use our current medical system. It should be a call to action for us to courageously discuss the reality of our own mortality.

We readily acknowledge that conversations about what care we want near end of life can be challenging; however, it seems far better to have these conversations on our own terms rather than at a time dictated by circumstances of health.

How about this? Next time family is together, let each other know our specific end-of-life care wishes. Doing this before we’re forced into a stressful situation may be less intimidating. Empowering ourselves and our loved ones to speak up will move us closer to having a higher quality of life at the end and, let’s face it, isn’t that what we all want?

Darcy Dye