Letters to the Editor

Bruno Toffolo: Questions about Dix deal

The Oct. 3 news article “ State offers Dix for $52M” on the latest Dix-land proposal suggests there is agreement on including seven-plus acres of Governor Morehead School for the Blind property along Western Boulevard as part of the deal. This land is to serve as a “connector” or bridge from Pullen Park to the Dix Park.

This only begs more questions. Have all the right stakeholders been involved in this “agreement”? Among others, the stakeholders need to include the public, WCPSS (the campus houses the Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy) and GMS. What does this connector look like? Is it a parking lot and a crosswalk? Is it a physical structure? Is this the best use for the property? What are the projected needs of the other stakeholders? Will the proceeds from this part of the “sale” be used for much needed maintenance and improvements to the GMS property? I could go on, but we get the idea.

A little more transparency is needed before a final deal is reached. This is not just a city/state leader decision.

Bruno Toffolo