Letters to the Editor

Charles J. Rogers: Reject Tillis

Regarding the Sept. 3 news article “ Stance on Medicaid may cost N.C. $10 billion”: Most of us conservatives believe strongly that we should get back from the U.S. government a fair share of the funds we send there. Also, most of us think it would be sheer nonsense payfederal taxes into a program that would benefit 500,000 poor North Carolinians who work in low-paying jobs and to have our state legislature and governor say, “No, you poor folk can’t have it.”

Right here in the Bible Belt, can we believe our state government has rejected something so badly needed by the working poor in our state, even though our taxes are already paying for it? Some of our small hospitals have closed, and others will follow due to the financial impact of rejecting Medicaid expansion.

Now we learn that Thom Tillis, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, was the ring leader who persuaded the state legislature and our governor to reject this program. Anyone with a modicum of economic sense and strong Christian values would agree, be they Republicans or Democrats, that 500,000 people should have health insurance, and Tillis said no?

I wonder how anyone could support this candidate to be our U.S. senator. North Carolina deserves better.

Charles J. Rogers