Letters to the Editor

William Stroupe: A bitter taste indeed

Thanks to A.C. Snow for his take on “Let them eat cake” in his Sept. 28 column “ Voters, is cake leaving a bitter taste?” I believe Marie Antoinette was disconnected from the reality of peasant life, not cold-hearted. If the court had no bread, the royalty could eat cake. She assumed the poor could, too.

Our General Assembly is similarly out of touch. Most legislators sincerely believe disadvantaged North Carolinians can improve without help, that if we eliminate aid, the fifth of our residents living in poverty will magically prosper. In reality, it’s hard to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps when we’re barefooted.

Another delusion is that House Speaker Thom Tillis supports public education. He touts his past presidency of a school PTA, which is commendable. But leading the PTA differs sharply from waging education in the classroom trenches. Ask any teacher. Under Tillis’ watch as speaker of the House, North Carolina ranks least favorable for teachers among all states, according to an independent study by WalletHub. Dead last.

Tillis’ last-minute cheerleading for the PTA and a cosmetic, election-year pay raise for teachers are supposed to make us think he champions public education. That takes the cake.

William Stroupe