Letters to the Editor

William E. Jackson Jr.: Hagan’s true impact

Regarding the Sept. 21 news article “Hagan’s impact muted by stalemate”: Why does it matter which party has majority control over the U.S. Senate come January? After Nov. 4, after all, the Republicans will still control the House and the Democrats will still be in power in the White House. If Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell should become majority leader of the Senate, however, absolute gridlock is guaranteed in Washington. A government shutdown will loom.

So the election of one-third of the Senate matters a great deal. Moreover, senators serve six-year terms. Those elected now will serve four years into the next administration. Consider the record of Sen. Kay Hagan:

1. She chairs two important Senate subcommittees: Emerging Threats and Capabilities of the Armed Services Committee and Children and Families of the Health & Education Committee.

2. In a deeply partisan Senate in an unproductive Congress, Hagan has reached across the aisle to pass legislation by working with her colleagues Sens. Richard Burr and Jim Inhofe.

3. Hagan is not a “show horse” but a “work horse.” She is rated the most moderate senator. Note comments of Republican leaders: Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama: “I think she believes in defense.” Sen. John McCain of Arizona: “I think she’s done a good job.” She is an effective senator in difficult times.

William E. Jackson Jr.