Letters to the Editor

R.G. McAllister: Schools need discipline

A loud hurrah for William Massey, whose Sept. 28 Point of View “ The cost-free, most important school fix” finally elaborates, in print, what all the world has known but been afraid to say: The major remediable problem in today’s public schools is the lack of discipline in the classrooms.

In fact, several friends and colleagues have told me over the past few years that they pulled their children from the Wake County public schools for concern not only about the teachers’ inability to maintain a learning environment but also over their children’s physical safety.

With all the din about teacher salaries and the undue influence of those who offer unending excuses for bad behavior, the pervasive lack of classroom discipline in many public schools has been the elephant in the room, observed but never mentioned, and a major reason for student departures to home-schooling and independent schools.

Massey’s suggestions about positive steps to change the current circumstance should be seriously considered by those responsible for keeping the public schools a viable component of our society.

R.G. McAllister