Letters to the Editor

Robert Miller: IDs won’t prevent fraud

The writer of the Oct. 1 letter “ In majority of voter ID” made a reasonable case about majority opinion and public policy. The writer pointed to cases where IDs are necessary and thinks it’s OK to use the same reasoning about voting. There are a couple of problems not addressed by this assumption.

First, Americans are born with the right to vote as adults. They do not lose it unless committing certain types of crime. IDs are a symbol that some fellow Americans think voting is a privilege. IDs also affect certain groups of voters more than others, and they can reasonably assume that lawmakers think they commit voter fraud.

Second, ID cards do nothing to combat the real voter fraud committed right under our noses with gerrymandering. North Carolina has a nine to four Republican delegation to the House of Representatives after more votes were cast for Democrats: That is the real voter fraud.

ID cards are used in many types of crime, including the commonly cited cases of ticket buying, banking and medical visits. IDs do not prevent crime, including voter fraud – especially when that fraud is committed by those holding all the ID cards.

Robert Miller