Letters to the Editor

Heather Mills: Overreaction on guns

Regarding the Oct. 3 Point of View “ Gauging guns”: A year ago the N.C. General Assembly passed a law allowing concealed handgun permit holders to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol or that charge admission. It also allowed them to leave their firearms in locked vehicles on educational properties.

At the time, many anti-gun groups and The News & Observer issued dire predictions of widespread violence and mass mayhem due to these new laws. And yet, to date there has not been a single violent incident as a result of these new laws among the 300,000 North Carolinians with concealed handgun permits. But instead of reporting that the anti-gun groups and its own editorial staff were wrong about this expansion of Second Amendment rights, The N&O has instead chosen to double down on emotion-driven rhetoric instead of reporting on verifiable facts and statistics. Is it really so hard to admit that you made a mistake?

Heather Mills