Letters to the Editor

Martha Brock: Murphy Bill has problems

Regarding the Sept. 26 letter “ Mental health help”: The N.C. Psychiatric Association’s endorsement of the Murphy bill (HR 3717) is problematic on many levels. The bill is based on an unproven premise about those who cannot cope with everyday life events due to trauma or life experiences.

Rep. Tim Murphy makes the assumption that the children or relatives of the family members he seeks to help are psychotic, dependent, without insight, unable to care for themselves and noncompliant with treatment.

The Murphy bill assumes that the best that can be hoped for by those with emotional and behavioral disorders is maintenance and lack of stability, not long periods of remission, which is the experience of many. If there were no such thing as recovery (to one degree or another), the rolls of SSI/SSDI and Medicaid, added generation after generation, would explode exponentially.

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 50 percent of Americans will be eligible for a Diagnostic Statistical Manual V label. Let me repeat: The docs think half of the population are mentally ill. I will leave it to those with a grain of common sense to evaluate the probability of these statistics being accurate. Seems to me it’s a case of lies, damn lies and statistics.

Martha Brock, Cary