Letters to the Editor

Fred Hight: Misspent millions

Regarding your Oct. 14 editorial “ U.S. Senate ads overwhelm viewers”: Recently I witnessed a travesty of excess and borderline narcissism while watching college football with my mother. I’m referring to the Tillis vs. Hagan show. They seemed to be the main programming, and the football plays were the ads.

As an independent, my disdain for each candidate grew as the day went on, leaving me not wanting to vote for either one. I’ve learned that these ads have already cost more than $30 million with many more millions to be spent.

I work as an advocate for the homeless, families in need of food, shelter and medical care and people with substance-abuse issues.

Imagine the shock of North Carolina residents if one of these candidates came on TV and made a simple statement saying, “Instead of a long message and trying to refute the negative words of my opponents, the money for this ad will instead be spent on the people of my state who truly need my help.”

It might just create some good will for them and even sway some voters.

Fred Hight, Wendell