Letters to the Editor

Chris Sgro: Unanimous judge

In Rob Christensen’s column on the impact of marriage equality on North Carolina’s political landscape the implication is clear: Sen. Kay Hagan’s support of Judge Max Cogburn’s nomination to the U.S. District Court is supposed to somehow drum up needed votes for her opponent, Thom Tillis. After all, Cogburn is the judge who found North Carolina’s marriage ban unconstitutional.

What was omitted is that all U.S. senators voted in favor of Cogburn’s nomination. Republican Richard Burr not only voted with Hagan, but called Cogburn “an excellent choice.”

Would Burr’s re-election be on the line because he supported the judge who overturned our unconstitutional marriage ban? We all know the answer, as well as another conclusion: This political wedge is losing its edge. Opposition to marriage equality cannot save Thom Tillis’ senatorial campaign. It can only place him on a shrinking list of politicians who support laws relegated to the dustbin of our discriminatory history.

Chris Sgro

Executive director, Equality NC, Greensboro